Olin Jaye & Associates, LLC currently provides commercial brokerage services to small business owners, investors and individual property owners in a variety of real estate and development-related matters. Olin is a commercial Real Estate Broker, primarily representing Buyers and Tenants, and provides client's advice and counsel in the leasing, acquisition, development, and construction of commercial real estate.

The firm conducts directed real estate searches in the North and Central Texas areas and works with other cooperating Brokers in other parts of Texas and surrounding states to meet any client needs.

The company is lead by Olin Jaye whose local real estate and construction experience include over 20 years experience in Real Estate Brokerage, property management, and construction administration. Previous to that, he was the Development Partner for a local Development Corporation with mixed-use projects in West Plano, as well as other projects in North Texas. Mr. Jaye is also active in leadership positions in local, state, and National Realtor Associations.

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